ME YOU'RE JUST LIKE Centre for children with special
needs and learning difficulties
Do you want your child to experience stability and personal growth?


Are you uncertain how to continue in your child’s developmental phases and growth?


How would you feel to see your child happy and secure?

All of our clients at Newberry receive the highest quality standard programmes and interventions to ensure that children have the fit that they need to grow and develop. Newberry provides access to some of the most committed and experienced staff who are comprised of Masters degrees to higher education diploma holders. Our supervisors have many years of experience in planning and implementing ABA intensive behavioural treatments. Juliet herself, as owner and founder, is registered with the Behavior Analyst Board in the USA, making her one of three qualified BCBA’s in South Africa to deliver quality ABA treatment programmes. Newberry is able to offer consultations and telehealth sessions both nationally and internationally.

What We Offer

  • Learning to learn skills
  • Behaviour management skills
  • Reinforcement
  • Prompting and fading
  • Teaching techniques
  • Helping struggling students succeed in general education classrooms
  • Parent education.
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