About Us

About our centre for children with special needs and learning difficulties

We started our agency to provide intervention and aid for children
diagnosed with autism, language delays, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, global developmental delays and learning disabilities with progressive Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services. Our founder, Juliet, is registered with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board in the USA, making her one of three qualified Board Certified Behavioural Analysts in South Africa to deliver quality ABA treatment programmes. Each of our carers and tutors are equipped to provide our learners with the best learning environment.

History of our training centre

We started our centre in 2004 with 1:1 Home Based Programmes to families, but noticed that there was a need for a centre-based environment which we established and opened in 2005. The school has grown since then, and we have expanded our offerings to cater for different needs that families may have when facing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Working for Newberry Park’s training centre

Our treatment emphasizes the importance of a happy learning child. We focus on these through development of motivation and reinforcement with each individual learner.

About our Values 

We specialize in providing highly individualized 1-on-1 and group interventions. ABA is the only intervention with more than 50 years of scientific evidence and is seen as an effective treatment for ASD.

We aim to transform children’s educational experience at school through small daily achievable moments that create a sense of positive self-esteem and a respectful work ethic. We do this by providing ABA therapy to learners with special needs, as well as through remedial education programmes.