How We Do It

Our Supervision System and Case Management System

At Newberry we implement a multi-tier supervision system which enables us to ensure that children receive only the best quality teaching available. Our professional team of behavioural consultants maintain their current knowledge and high-level expertise through our commitment to on-going training and development. This way we ensure that we offer the most up-to-date intervention.

Our Case Management Programme

No two children are the same, therefore every child has their own programme at Newberry.

We spend a lot of time ensuring that every child’s programme is tailor made according to their age, learning pace, strengths and weaknesses.

We implement a strict supervision system of quality control through data collectionnot only to assess the child’s performance, but also our quality of delivery.

Case consultants will assist parents in making sure the child is, at all times, maximising their learning. Besides a monthly feedback meeting, consultants will spend at least 6 hours a month in the child’s lesson and supervising the programme delivery because we believe close and expert monitoring is the key to our students’ success.

Not only do parents receive continuous feedback, but they also receive daily homework tasks to do with their child.

Autism is one of the fastest growing developmental disabilities in the world. Schools all around the world are faced with the challenges of working with children with autism in mainstream and remedial settings.

Children with autism can be incredibly challenging to teach and hard to manage due to disruptive behaviour within the classroom. They can also be withdrawn, passive and unmotivated to learn or attend to class instructions. Children in inclusive settings may also struggle and not benefit from social opportunities that are available to them in the school setting as they fail to interact or socialise with their peers. With the proper support and training, children with autism are able to overcome these issues.

We are able to provide short-term consultation or ongoing support for individual children, teachers or schools.

We focus on practical, positive and proactive approaches with proven evidence behind them.

Newberry Park. At Newberry Park we implement a multi-tiered supervision system which ensures that children receive only the best quality teaching available.

The school consultations will cover the following:

  • First free individual consultation (a fee will be charged if the meeting is not held on our premises)
  • Discussion of the student’s development
  • Assessment and treatment recommendations

Thereafter: Assistance with Individual Educational programme (IEP):

  • Development of a behaviour plan to include strategies that are proactive and reactive
  • Regular visits to monitor progress and modify programmes if necessary
  • Regular meetings with teachers and families

Functional Behaviour Management

We offer a full Functional Behaviour Assessment on problem behaviours you may be experiencing at home or in a social setting, or even in your child’s school setting.

The first step is to conduct an interview with parents or other people who play prominent roles with the child. After evaluating the interview we will then start our assessment and develop a plan going forward.

All parents will be trained in the correct methods to work with their child and will be required to participate in the intervention to ensure behaviour is generalised outside the environment.

It is difficult to say how long the FBA will take as this is dependent on the child, the behaviour and the intervention.

Looking to become a quality BCBA or BCaBA Supervisor?

We provide quality and affordable supervision services to BCBA and BCaBA candidates. We have the utmost respect for the field of ABA, therefore we work diligently to ensure that we provide quality supervision and training that will aid our supervisors to become effective practitioners. Are you ready to learn and grow professionally while getting the necessary training, support and encouragement?

BCBA or BCaBA candidates who are committed to their professional development and meet the following requirements:

  • Eligible for supervision per BACB Experience standards (including enrolment in an approved ABA Masters or Certification programme)
  • Employment or placement in an ABA setting or access to a client that could benefit from ABA services with necessary consent: A) Consent from employer or on-site supervisor, B) Consent from client to be recorded and observed remotely by us
  • Complete 30-130 experience hours per month
  • Access to a computer with internet access, webcam, microphone and video recording device.
Newberry Park. At Newberry Park we implement a multi-tiered supervision system which ensures that children receive only the best quality teaching available.

How does it work?

Enrolment and Pre-work
We will meet to discuss the overview of the supervision system, curriculum, requirements and customise your individual experience. Review and sign the required supervision contract and schedule your first set of supervision meetings.
Weekly supervision meetings

We will meet online weekly at a designated time. Meetings will consist of terminology review, ABA history, and concepts according the BACB task list. We will engage in discussion and review of research articles. There will also be discussion, review and feedback of assignments and videotaped sessions.

Video reviews

Candidates will provide video samples of work implementation. These videos will be reviewed at least twice per month (in order to meet BACB requirements of 2 supervisor observations per month).

RBT Competency Assessment

We offer a full competency assessment for any applicant who has completed their RBT online training.


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