Case Studies

Read here some of our case studies of our various programmes at Newberry Park.


Our family resides in London, UK. We travel back to South Africa for the summer holidays.

We decided one year to start Mike on a 1:1 home-based programme with Newberry Park during our summer vacation. The results in such a short space of time were so wonderful that we requested to continue the programme when we got back to London.

Thanks to the 1:1 programme, we have peace of mind because our son is still in a mainstream school and he gets his assistance from Newberry Park in the afternoons. With his language improving, it has just made all our lives so much easier.

This programme would normally entail a trained tutor who goes to the student's house every day.

In this case, due to the geographical separation, the biggest obstacle faced was teaching articulation over Zoom/Skype. This was overcome by requesting the family to purchase certain products and we were able to train the family members on how to use them correctly.

  • The student was falling behind in his academic classes at school and the school requested that he be moved to a special needs school. Due to his language improving, he was able to convey his thoughts and remain in the school for the morning paired with intensive ABA therapy in the afternoon.
  • The child will more than likely require therapy for his school days. However, he has been able to remain in school where he is now achieving, and enjoying the social interaction with his peers.

We had our child enrolled at another school and for the first 2 years he made some nice progress; however, after that, everything started to hit flat spots and things were looking very bleak. The stress and anxiety that this put us under were immense and we felt like we were back at square 1. All we want for ourselves and Tommy is stability and somewhere where he will continue to grow.

We went through to Newberry Park and were delighted with what we heard regarding all the programme offerings. Tommy is now part of the 2-on1 programme and his progress is amazing. He is paired up with a fellow pupil and they have their dedicated teacher who guides them through all programmes and activities. That individual attention that he is receiving has made all the difference.

We have been on cloud 9 since moving to Newberry Park, knowing our Tommy belongs to something and isn’t just a number. We are forever grateful.

  • The child has been introduced to more group work skills
  • The child has a specialised programme which focuses on weaknesses and increasing observational awareness in group activities
  • The student has learned to work as part of a team, to cheer others on and play games with others. This is a positive improvement where it increases self-esteem, as well as preparing for the neurotypical birthday parties and family events
  • The student has not only grown from strength to strength in his academic areas, but is now starting to participate with family functions and play with friends
  • The child will be starting our Grade R curriculum next year

We are a young family who just received the diagnosis that our 2 and a half-year-old son is autistic. This news was extremely difficult for my wife and I. We were extremely emotional and had no idea as to what the way forward was for the family and Nate.

We then met with Juliet at Newberry Park and she gave us hope.

Our special boy is now getting individual attention from the BCBA, a supervisor and an RBT who runs the programme. It is going to be between 5-8 years of Intensive ABA therapy going forward.

With the expertise of Juliet, we are now focused on Learning to Learn skills while also doing requesting skills. Since Nate has started improving on these skills and he can now request and make his needs known, we have seen a change in his behaviour. He is now also able to follow through on instructions, make eye contact and actually enjoy learning and school.

  • The student has grown in skills levels with the biggest area being in imitation, which then leads to an increase in language and vocal imitation. These skills have increased interaction with his family, who were able to start playing games together and going out as a family - something they had not been able to experience.
  • The child has become more aware of their environment, interacting in a socially appropriate manner and is now starting to learn from their environment.
  • He should continue to grow and progress into a mainstream nursery school within a year.